On the Feast Day of Christ the King

CK 10-28-18


Today marks the feast day of Christ the King!

To a world that had long forgotten that Christ is King not only over individuals in their spiritual lives, but of all creation, Pope Pius XI in 1925 instituted, Quas Primas. The encyclical is an explicit rebuke to the concept that the civil authority is somehow outside or immune from His reign.

Every individual, organization, association, group, people, nation, authority, and state is subject to His Divine jurisdiction.  Tragically, and to mankind’s detriment, this feast day has been ignored by the wider world, and since the Second Vatican Anti-Council, 1962-65, it has been downplayed by the Conciliar Church.  For it is in stark contrast to what Newchurch now stands, for which is a man-centered, created faith which rejects its Savior’s charitable suzerainty.

In commentary on Quas Primas from Dom Prosper Guéranger’s magisterial, The Liturgical Year, a description of the world and its relationship with its King at the time of the encyclical was given:

To-day we sadly behold ‘a world undone,’

largely paganized in principles and outlook,

and, in recent years, in one country even

glorifying in the name ‘pagan.’  At the best,

governments mostly ignore God: and at worst,

openly fight against him, as we of to-day are

witnessing in the Old World and in the New. . . .

Christ is kept out of the State schools and seats

of higher education; and the rising generations

seem to be taught anything and everything save

to know, love and serve him.  Art and literature

all too frequently reflect the same tendencies.  [The Liturgical Year, Vol. XIV, 475]

To say the least, things have not improved as human society has deteriorated in every sense as mankind, which once knew the Truth, has now chosen with every effrontery to ignore it:

And since the spirit of evil reigns inevitably

whenever the spirit of Christ has ceased to reign,

in public and in private men are flouting the moral

laws of God, and some of the worst abominations

of ancient paganism are becoming matters of

every-day life. . . .   There is now an intense,

positive hatred of Jesus Christ in the militant

atheist, which differs in kind from the attitude of

the fiercest Roman or Eastern persecutor:  ‘If I had

not come and spoken to them . . . if I had not done

among them the works that no other man hath done,

they would not have sin: but now they have both seen

and hated both me and my Father.’ [Ibid., 475-76]

Those who lament the decline of Western Civilization seek remedies for the present crisis, but most ignore the one and only solution to it:

Even the statesmen’s well-meant efforts to find

a remedy for present ills and above all, to secure

world peace, prove futile because, whereas peace

is from Christ, and possibly only in the Kingdom o

Christ, his name is never mentioned throughout

their deliberations or their documents. [Ibid., 475]


Posted by the editors: 10/28/’18


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