The Feast of All Saints

JP II Koran

One of the most notorious of all the Vatican II saints, the Koran Kisser, JPII


One of the glorious feast days in the Catholic calendar is that of All Saints which celebrates those Holy Souls who are among Almighty God’s Elect – many of whom gave their lives and shed their blood for the Faith. Although no longer part of this world physically, saints still have vast influence in human affairs through their intercessory powers.

Like all other aspects of the Novus Ordo Church, the canonization process has been corrupted beyond all means and made into a farce. Most of Newchurch’s saints are chosen for their political and social inclinations which are nearly always Leftist. Another credential for Newchurch sanctity, at least for contemporary “saints,” is the promotion of Vatican II, the most important of which have been the causes of Paul VI/Montini and John Paul II/Wojtyla.

While Paul VI/Montini signed off on all of the Vatican II decrees and the promulgation of Bugnini’s New Mass, it was JPII/Wojtyla who carried the Conciliar Revolution forth with his charisma and media savvy. JPII/Wojtyla’s insufferable two decades-plus reign as Newpope and his many travels evangelized the new religion on a global scale. His idolaters among the Conciliar religion have referred to him as “John Paul the Great.”

While those who are outraged at the recently concluded Amazon Synod (Vatican III), JPII/Wojtyla set the precedent for Bergoglio’s pagan confab with the 1986 Assisi Interreligious Prayer for Peace. This is just one of the many heretical acts and blasphemies which this cretin committed throughout his “pontificate.”

For those who remain in Newchurch, they must accept JPII/Wojtyla as a “saint” and consider him as one of God’s Elect on a par with the likes of St. Paul, St. John the Baptist, and St. Thomas Aquinas. If such a thought does not make those who are still in the Novus Ordo leave immediately, there is little hope.

Posted by editors/11-1-’19


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