Saint Ambrose and False Religions

        St. Ambrose                                                              Valentinian The feast day of St. Ambrose should be a reminder of what the Church and its saints had always held about false doctrines and the relationship between the Church and secular authority prior to the Second Vatican anti-Council, 1962-65. False beliefs, no matter where they emanated from, were to be condemned … Continue reading Saint Ambrose and False Religions

The Amazon Synod and Paul VI’s New Mass

  Bergoglio at the Amazon Synod   Paul VI/Montini Celebrating the Novus Ordo Worship Service While neocons and semi-traditional Catholics are outraged at the goings on at the Amazon Synod most of them have forgotten, or are ignorant of the fact that Bergoglio’s pagan confab is taking place fifty years after one of, if not … Continue reading The Amazon Synod and Paul VI’s New Mass

On the Feast Day of St. Pius V

Before Cinco de Mayo superseded it, at least in Mexico and now in much of the US, May 5 was remembered and celebrated by Catholics as the feast day of the great Pope St. Pius V, Michael Ghislieri. The neglect of St. Pius V’s feast day not only provides a grim reminder of how once … Continue reading On the Feast Day of St. Pius V