On the Feast Day of St. Pius V

Pius V

Before Cinco de Mayo superseded it, at least in Mexico and now in much of the US, May 5 was remembered and celebrated by Catholics as the feast day of the great Pope St. Pius V, Michael Ghislieri. The neglect of St. Pius V’s feast day not only provides a grim reminder of how once Catholic Mexico has imbibed the tenets of secular humanism, but it shows again the utter contrast between the pre-Vatican II Papacy and Church, and the Conciliar monstrosity which was diabolically launched in the 1960s.

Any comparison between the current occupant of St. Peter’s Chair or for that matter any of his Conciliar predecessors to the holy life and the magnificent reign as pope of St. Pius V is now surely blasphemous! If a comparison is to be made, Bergoglio should be considered the anti-St. Pius V!

No Pope Bergoglio

The anti-St. Pius V!

St. Pius V’s elevation to sainthood demonstrates again that the Church for all ages is something quite different after a couple of generations of Modernism led by the likes of Bugnini, Montini, Wojtyla and Ratzinger.

The monumental accomplishments as pope, despite a comparatively short reign, and the personal sanctity of St. Pius V are beyond reproach. He was recognized as a “servant of God” long before he passed away. Yet, after his death on May 1, 1572, he was not canonized until 1712. Moreover, he and St. Pius X, the great foe of Modernism, were the only two pontiffs canonized in the last 500 years! Becoming pope was no guarantee of sainthood in the True Church as Dom Prosper Gueranger writes:

Pius V did not receive this honour till about a hundred and thirty years after his death: so impartial is the Church, when she has to adjudicate this highest of earthly honours even to her most revered Pastors!*

Does one have to bring up how Newchurch has totally corrupted the process? The whole thing is a farce! It is so blatant that the speedy elevation of the Conciliar popes has been done to legitimize the Conciliar Revolution.

In a sense, however, the Conciliar popes are deserving of their Newchurch sainthood status, for they were instrumental in pushing through the vast changes which transformed the Church of St. Pius V into the current non-Catholic structure.

Only when the occupants of St. Peter’s Chair look to St. Pius V as a model for papal rule, will the office and Church become Catholic once again.

*Quoted from The Liturgical Year, Vol. VIII, Paschal Time Book II, 445.

editors posted 5-4-’19




On the Cause of Queen Isabella’s Sainthood

Isabella of Spain
The Catholic Monarch

It has been a little over sixty years since the cause of sainthood for Queen Isabella I of Spain was officially broached.  In 1974, her case advanced to the status of “Servant of God.”  At that time, the investigation by Church authorities concluded that:

. . . a canonical process could be undertaken with a sense of security since there was not found one single act, public or private, of Queen Isabel that was not inspired by Christian and evangelical criteria; moreover there was a ‘reputation of sanctity’ uninterrupted for five centuries and as the investigation was progressing, it was more accentuated.*

As the years have passed and the Vatican II revolutionaries have corrupted every aspect of the Church, Isabella’s cause appears nil despite Pope Alexander VI at the time giving her, and her husband Ferdinand, the august title of Los Reyes Católicos.  Nor would any real Catholic want Newchurch to complete the process, since such a scenario would be done not to acknowledge her sanctity, but for financial gain as money, no doubt, would pour into the dwindling Vatican coffers from the millions of devotees of the great queen.

Newchurch’s Con-anization process has been a tremendous scandal even by its own abysmal standards.  Since the end of the Council, there has been a deluge of “new” saints, most of whom have been involved in liberal Catholicism.  Three of the Conciliar popes – John XXIII/Roncalli, Paul VI/Montini, John-Paul II/Wojtyla – have been elevated to Novus Ordo sainthood to bolster the legitimacy of Vatican II and the changes which have come about in its wake most notably the abominable New Mass.  It must be remembered that prior to the Con-anization of these Newpopes only two, over the course of the last five hundred years, were canonized – Pope Pius V and Pope Pius X.

About fifteen years ago, there was a renewed interest in Isabella’s cause.  Yet, the usual suspects protested and the case was dropped by the Newchurch authorities.  The opposition came from Jews and Muslims to Isabella and Ferdinand’s actions in the sovereigns’ expulsion of both groups from the Iberian Peninsula.  Yet, their policy was more than justified as it was the culmination of Spain’s Reconquista which over eight long and hard centuries reclaimed all of the lands overrun and conquered by the Muslims.

reconquista                                                               Reconquista

In the Introductory Letter for Isabella’s cause of beatification, the signatories responded to the malicious attacks on the Holy Queen:

The intention is to inform and reassure the Holy Father

of the unanimous sentiment of the Catholic world

in confronting the denigatory world campaign organized

against this most faithful daughter of the Church and

most efficient promulgator for the Gospel of Christ.

To her action and inspiration is due in a great part the

Catholicism of the actual world as can be appreciated

by the attached notes.

Since Isabella’s cause was first opened, the anti-Catholic bias in academia, the press, book publishing, and the media has intensified to an unimaginable degree.  Not surprisingly, Newchurch has enthusiastically joined in the assault on Catholicism’s past renouncing its supposed misdeeds and “sins” with all sorts of phony apologies.

While her sanctity has been unassailable, her temporal accomplishments, done due to her deep devotion to the Faith, have been unsurpassed by any female sovereign in human history.  As the American historian William Thomas Walsh wrote:

[Isabella] changed the course of civilization and

the aspect of the entire world.  The Church and

the world itself would be very different if we

erased from history the feats of Isabel the Catholic.

Nor is written history of the last half millennium possible without taking into account her stupendous deeds:

To understand a good part of the history of the last

five centuries, it is necessary to have in mind our

Servant of God as a first determinant cause and link

of an uninterrupted chain of events with historical

and universal imprint.

Her impact on the world continues to this very day:

[I]t is not possible to write the true modern

history, political and religious. . . without

taking Spain into account; Neither the history

of Spain without taking into account Isabel

the Catholic.  The evangelization of America

only finds parallels and perhaps in some

different points of view is greater than the

evangelization of the Mediterranean peoples

and of the barbarian peoples of Europe.

William Thomas Walsh William Thomas Walsh

While Isabella’s cause will have to wait until the imposters which now rule Christ’s Church are expelled, her life remains not only an inspiration for traditional Catholics everywhere, but her glorious reign provides the model for the restoration of Christian governance once the secular nation state is eventually dethroned.


editors/Christus Rex



The Blessed Trinity Can Be Blasphemed, But Mohammad Cannot Be Criticized: Welcome To Post-Christian Civilization!

Irish Blasphemy

Blasphemy is Now Okay in Post-Christian Ireland


As Ireland voted to decriminalize blasphemy of the One True God, a European court has ruled that criticism of the crazed prophet, Mohammed whose manically followers have repeatedly sought to overrun Christendom, should be prohibited.

Late last month by an overwhelming margin, the Irish voted to further de-Christianize their once holy land and repealed a plank in the nation’s constitution which stated that “the publication or utterance of blasphemous, seditious, or indecent matter is an offense which shall be punishable in accordance with law.”*

With the passage of the referendum which permits Almighty God’s majesty to be insulted and, no doubt, will allow for the slander and probably worse of the Mother of God and the saints, Ireland has certainly “come of age.”  The nation’s minister of justice and equality accurately summed up the situation when he boasted: “Ireland is rightly proud of our reputation as a modern liberal society.”**

No argument can be made here.

With the country’s earlier passage of laws which legalized abortion and sodomy plus its election of an openly sodomite Prime Minister (Taoiseach), the island which was once known as a “land of saints and scholars” can no longer be considered “Catholic,” but take its place among the Godless nation states of the world which continue to enslave their masses under the tyranny of secular humanism.

Naturally, one would think that the Irish [New]church clergy would be at the forefront in opposition to this Satanic action, however, if one has closely followed the plight of the Church not only in Ireland but throughout the world since the tumultuous days of the Second Vatican Anti-Council, 1962-65, one would understand that the Irish clergy would do nothing to defend the Founder of the Church that they supposedly represent here on earth.  Their meek response was to say that the law itself was “largely obsolete” and added that it:

may give rise to concern because of the way such measures

have been used to justify violence and oppression against

minorities in other parts of the world.***

Yes, by all means, the demons and dark spirits that all heretical/schismatic groups, sects, and non-Christians alike are guided by should be protected while the Blessed Trinity is free to be criticized, doubted, mocked, and ridiculed in whatever manner.

It is very apparent that the Irish [New]church clergy has forgotten the ominous words spoke by Our Lord in St. Matthew’s Gospel:

Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men,

I will also confess him before my Father, who is in

heaven.  But whosoever shall deny me before men,

I will also deny Him before my Father, who is in

heaven.  [Matthew X: 32, 33 DRV ]

Meanwhile, as the Irish were voting their way further into the abyss, one of Christianity’s greatest enemies was being defended by, ironically, a European court. A Strasbourg-based court for “human rights” ruled that “insulting” Mohammed “goes beyond the permissible limits of an objective debate” which “could stir up prejudice and put at risk religious peace.”****

The court rejected an appeal of a woman who had called Mohammed a pedophile for having “married” a six-year old and consummating the marriage three years later according to Islamic tradition.  In a seminar, the woman in her late 40s and identified as “E.S.,” said that Mohammad “liked to do it with children” and “. . . A 56-year-old and a 6-year old? . . . What do we call it, if not pedophilia?”

One could also add, “diabolical!”

Amazingly, an Austrian court convicted her a couple of years later of “disparaging religious doctrines” and ordered her to pay a fine of $547 plus legal costs.  An Austrian appeals court upheld the ludicrous decision.

In her second appeal to the human rights court at Strasbourg, the court added that the woman’s comments were “not objective, failed to provide historical background and had no intention of promoting public debate.”

So there you have it.

The lands that had once been Christian where blasphemy was harshly punished and whose peoples bravely fought against the Muslims who repeatedly attempted to invade their homelands and in an equally noble cause went on armed expeditions to liberate the Holy Land from the infidel, have now allowed their God to be libeled and have disallowed critical comments of their foremost enemy.

Muslim Control

Welcome to post-Christian civilization!


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Posted by the editors, 11-20-’18