Saint Ambrose and False Religions

        St. Ambrose                                                              Valentinian The feast day of St. Ambrose should be a reminder of what the Church and its saints had always held about false doctrines and the relationship between the Church and secular authority prior to the Second Vatican anti-Council, 1962-65. False beliefs, no matter where they emanated from, were to be condemned … Continue reading Saint Ambrose and False Religions

Patrick Buchanan and the July 4th Celebrations

In a gushing recent op-ed, columnist and author Patrick Buchanan praised President Trump’s July 4th celebration:   As master of ceremonies and keynote speaker at his ‘Salute to America’ Independence Day event, Trump was a manifest success.* Buchanan took to task those on the left who denigrated the event as an ego trip for the … Continue reading Patrick Buchanan and the July 4th Celebrations