Saint Ambrose and False Religions

        St. Ambrose                                                              Valentinian The feast day of St. Ambrose should be a reminder of what the Church and its saints had always held about false doctrines and the relationship between the Church and secular authority prior to the Second Vatican anti-Council, 1962-65. False beliefs, no matter where they emanated from, were to be condemned … Continue reading Saint Ambrose and False Religions

Charles Borromeo: The Anti-Vatican II Saint

The feast day of St. Charles Borromeo is a wonderful opportunity to show that the Conciliar Church created at the Second Vatican II anti-Council (1962-65) and all the changes that came in its wake are strikingly similar to what St. Charles faced in the 16th century.  Not only has the Vatican II Church adopted many … Continue reading Charles Borromeo: The Anti-Vatican II Saint